Dalmiro Quiroga is a highly-regarded art and fashion photographer who is known internationally for his mastery of composition and his ability to achieve arresting photographs without relying on post-production manipulations.

Drawing on his past immersion in fashion, art, and alternate music scenes around the globe, Quiroga combines a sharp, photojournalistic eye with a documentarian’s passion for finding truth in how people live and behave, and in the environments they create and inhabit.

His work occupies a unique space where the analog fuels futurity, and the authentic dances with artifice, but presiding over all of it is a feeling of empathy, understanding, and meaning that is rare in any photographer, still rarer in one who is yet young.

Born in Argentina in 1976, Quiroga has lived in France, China, and Mexico City, but was based in Los Angeles the longest. He currently divides his time between there and Madrid.